Love Train

by Middle Class Murder

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released February 14, 2014


all rights reserved



Middle Class Murder San Francisco, California


Guitar -
Sarah Carr- Berry

Guitar/Vocals -
Darren Fitzgerald

Guitar/Keys -
Eric Coolbaugh

Bass -
Ron Stueckle

Drums -
Jake Stueckle

Good time, foot tapping, jammin, make you smile music.
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Track Name: West End Lights

Just another day, broken in two
Track the west end lights, fall into blue
Laughter fades, jokes on you
Sold the soul, comes to blow… take me down to…

Everything lost comes alive
Down in the dirty end of a one way friend in a one way fight
West end lights

Just another year, summer’s last fling
All the fresh young blood, holds us to spring
Dead dark songs drift out to sea
Sold the soul, comes to blow, take me down to

Just another day, start something new
Track the west end lights, climb into blue
Laughter builds, jokes on you
Sold the soul, comes to blow…
Take me down
Track Name: Pulled

She knows the way, just close her eyes
She makes it harder when she tries
Strip it away and lose the mind
Tastes so much better when you’re blind

After the years it’s not as loud
Circle the hands around a cloud
Fallen away back on the ground, still looking down.

Everybody keeps it on the run
Pulled from every corner of the sun…
We’re gonna get along.

10 feet away caught under ground
Senses lost on what holds it down
Walkin’ the line won’t come around
Kill it by starving or let it drown
Track Name: USA

Downtown everybody’s putting on their best
Show man ship is dockin’ with the rest
Clean house strip it down until there’s nothing left
Laid out innocent while we vet

USA, All the Way
Built to drive everybody in to the machine

Back room thrown up on a blackboard over ice
Cold blood splashed about from rolling dice
Out front sculpted rocks are crashing on the waves
Whitewashed holding back the end of days

Down south ripping out the heart to keep it free
Fall out nowhere near the pedigree
Slim down faster when it’s taken on the run
Inside lip gloss smack from smoking gun
Downtown everybody’s putting on their…

USA, All the Way
USA, All the Way
USA everybody’s gettin’ in it
Everybody into the machine
Track Name: Flowers in Dark Light

Come and get it when you want it it’s here waiting
Mine for the 1st time, for the last time
Place to lay until you say that you can take it
Off on a warm night, Flowers in Dark Light

Kind of shady when your lady comes and takes me
Out on the bluff side, for a cheap ride
Laid awake and kind of shaken when she’s takin’
Lines for the 1st time, until the sunshine.

Play through, she’s accustomed to
The 3am drive-thru
The 1st time won’t be new

Started tasting what your chasing kind of makes it
Out at the wrong time, in a decline
It’s a wonder that it’s out there driving senseless
On to the front line without a stop sign

Flowers sitting where they started coming at it
Eyes in a mint tin and honey brown skin
All along the waters gone the face is closing
In on a black night and a dark light
Track Name: Buried

You can take it on down
You can take it on down
It all seems to go round
And it’s finally come round
You can take it on down

It’s so nice to see
Everybody drinking and everybody thinking of me
All the friends I’ve found
Not until you’re buried do people really hurry to come around

Those girls on their knees
Left the heart eroded but now they seem devoted to me
Got the last word finally
Went out guns a blazing the burning tears not laying with…

Done cased that canonized joint
Found deep that sullied sharp point
Shake down to bony white clean
Buried and free

It’s so nice to see
Everybody thinking and everybody drinking for me
Like I always said
One day you’d up and cry cause you’re worth less alive than I am dead
Track Name: Bombs Come Home

Sun, setting like a stone, skipping till it skids then it falls through
Deeper in the hole, thinking just who it belongs to
Catch it while you can, last golden sliver reminds you
Borrowed from the sand, candles fade and bombs come home

Build, the case for going on, dancing breaking out from the mantra
Of the organ grinder’s song, dancing in the lap of Havana
Get it while you’re on top, feathered and shocked

Roadied in the crew, watching all the magic from off side
And never really knew, how expressions slowly bleed into one tide
Get it while you’re on top, feathered and shocked

The kiss I lost, the kiss I knew, shapes my world, that kiss from you
The kiss I lost, the kiss I knew, is coming home

Son, take it like a man, put another piece in your arsenal
Pacify the land, leaving all the stories behind you
Get it while you can, loving in a hurry to bind you
Keeps it in the clan, candles fade and bombs come home

It’s the kiss I really want you to give it to me
Glass thrown on the floor
Broken fumes of rose oil suffocating
And melt away my core
Bombs come home
Track Name: Gold

High line dreams, cracked severe and horizontal
Pushed on through, homesteading at open throttle
Drawn on fate, prove on up to 160
Heads cocked north, there’s gold up in them there hills
Track Name: Glory Days

Give it up for the man
Takes his hat off and stands
Leads the crowd in a lion’s roar
His time has come for something more

And it always comes to this
These glory days, not all the promised bliss
Ride the waves of south east sun
Looking on to a never ending run
Sorry, Always

And as every story goes
Take the money and watch it roll
Circle round and hit the floor
Lookin’ up for something more
Track Name: Wake

Days long gone what should have been
Won’t come back around here again
Throttles down but the governor
Keeps all the energy conserved

And I’ve gone insane for the 100th time
Can’t cage up what’s all ready in flight
Down in the hole I dig is my own grave
Can’t wake tomorrow, wake today

Fallen dead, sound asleep
And missed the most fun he had seen
When the time has come to break the heart
In a blaze of glory burst apart

In a modest time to make a mark
Keep running blind into the dark
And the wall will hit without your say
Don’t wake tomorrow, wake today

Halfway round to make a kill
Burt ran down death to Bonneville
And poured his blood in gasoline
200 mile an hour machine
Track Name: Run On

Caught on the soul again, deep thinking harlequin
Tanked on the Cazador, the heart is flutterin’
No sign of closing down, she’s comin’ out in rounds
To suck out the empty space and get it runnin’ run on

She’s gonna take you there inside her grafted hair
All ears in tilted swing, in squinted candied stare
Pull back a shot down low, and give another go
To suck out the empty space and get it runnin’ run on

Keep goin’ on that way, hot open lazy day
Suns coming out her mouth, drunk soul about to pay
Doors closing, eyes lit up, she’s on another run
To suck out the empty space, and get it runnin’ run on

On top of the world you
Were three sheets to the wind, when she blew
Her guts out loud to a lipstick crowd, happy hour
Fat smile drowned when the devil sat down, happy hour
Well it’s cool down south, where the words run out
One, two, three and you won’t see me run on
Track Name: In n Out

Things not always what they seem
You’re pulled two ways, then make a scene
Of my easy, open ways
Temptation took us
The thrill is an addiction
It kills these contradictions

You’ve been wasting all my time
My soul is in and out of line
Your heated breath, your salty flesh
I seem to lose my jaded mind

Walk on in, your lazy grin
Reminds me of this state I’m in
Don’t want to love but it’s too late
Forget the fine points
The thrill is an addiction
It kills these contradictions

Lay with me till the sun
Shines through these shady blinds
Stay awake, breathe it in
Clear the smoke through your spine and your mine by design

We move at the speed of light reversed
Won't ya give it to me
What could be is just to see
On and on and on
Track Name: Damn Hot

Get up, it’s a damn hot day
It’s a long long way
Go on, pack your friends inside
Plug in and start this ride

Breathin’ down that damn hot day now

Get up, had a nice long rest
On that warm drive west
Go on, death’s not far from town
He’s got 12 gauge rounds

Now there’s a dawn at east 110 that no one’s seen
A tropic wind, pushing up through native steam

How’d we get so far,
Damn hot, damn hot, damn hot, damn hot
Track Name: 360 Engine

Poured in 360 engine
Love train roundin’ the next bend

Set in motion honey rollin’ into you
Set in motion honey rollin’ into two
Aint nothing keeping us from rollin’ all night thru

High up fly on a long shot
Dropped in strum one to wake up

Lips kind o shakin’ like their waitin’ for a making out
Fit for the takin’ spring is wakin’ all the sexy now
Dark smoky sauna madrugada rain is pourin’ down
Sweet coronada belladonna dancin’ round and round…

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